A Pioneer in the Industrial Chain Business

Our company began manufacturing industrial cast chains in 1911 as Tobata Foundry Co. in Japan.

In 1956 we became part of the Hitachi group and in 1972 Hitachi Chain, Ltd. was established.

The industrial chain business was the foundation on which the company was built and when we added our building solutions business in 1987, we became Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd.

In 2016 the company separated from the Hitachi group to become SENQCIA Corporation. SENQCIA MAXCO, Ltd. is the North American subsidiary of SENQCIA Corporation.


Quality Mission

SENQCIA MAXCO, Ltd. will strive to achieve unsurpassed excellence and reliability in supplying world-class, high-quality industrial products and services to our customers, clients, and partners in the North American marketplace.

To achieve this goal and to assure “total customer satisfaction”, all employees of SENQCIA MAXCO, Ltd. will be challenged to achieve the highest quality possible in all aspects of their jobs and for each process of our business.

Our company shall never be satisfied with existing quality standards. We shall implement the concepts of continuous improvement, clear accountability, and clear measurability to assure ongoing quality enhancement in a way that is quantifiable to our customers and our employees.

In addition, we will require that all of our partners and vendors participate with us fully in supporting this Quality Mission. All aspects of our business, from initial product development through the final delivery of goods and services to our customers, will be examined to assure compliance with our Quality Mission.

Being in the competitive marketplace, we understand that it is mandatory to pursue vigorously this Quality Mission and to achieve continuous improvement, in order to deliver unsurpassed value for our customers, profit for our shareholders, and a stable and pleasant work environment for our employees.

David Egbert
Managing Director

ISO (International Standards Organization)

ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards)