HB 78 Stainless Steel Chain

HB 78 Stainless Steel Drive Chain

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    FEATURES: Superior resistance to wear and corrosion of any 78 series chain. Stainless steel construction offers high load, chemical and corrosion resistance and extremely minimal stretch, especially when compared to non-metallic NH-78 style chains. Toughest chain for the harsh extremes of clarifier drives and similar applications. Economically priced this chain is ideal for clarifier, bar screen and grit collectors, a direct replacement for H-78 and NH-78 chains.

    Pitch: 2.609″
    Working Load (Max): 3,300 lbs.
    Min. Ultimate Strength: 21,000 lbs.
    Material: 403 Stainless Steel (Hardened)
    Sprocket: 78 Series (Metallic or Non-Metallic)
    Weight: 3.8 lbs. per ft