SENQCIA Hi-Max® C2060HNP Nickel Plate Offset Link Cotter Pin Type ASME/ANSI Double Pitch Roller Chain, Standard Roller, 1-1/2″ Pitch


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SENQCIA Hi-Max® Nickel Plated Double Pitch standard roller offset links are manufactured in Taiwan. Nickel plating helps prevent rust in many wet and mildly corrosive environments.

Offset links are supplied with “flatted” connecting pins and a split cotter for ease of assembly in the field. These special purpose links allow the user to make an endless strand of roller chain from an odd number of pitches. They are also used to reduce the length of a strand by one pitch when normal chain elongation has created excess catenary sag on a roller chain drive. Care however should be taken as the offset link has significantly less load carrying capacity than the base chain itself. Each offset link is individually packaged in a sealed plastic bag.