SENQCIA Inspire Series™ 40FS Freedom Series® Offset Link Cotter Pin Type ASME/ANSI Self-Lube Roller Chain, Single Strand, 1/2″ Pitch


SENQCIA Inspire Series™ Freedom Series® offset links are manufactured in Japan and are intended to be used without additional secondary lubrication. Offset links are supplied with “flatted” connecting pins and a split cotter for ease of assembly in the field.

These special purpose links allow the user to make an endless strand of Freedom Series® roller chain from an odd number of pitches. They are also used to reduce the length of a strand by one pitch when normal chain elongation has created excess catenary sag on a roller chain drive. Care however should be taken as the offset link has significantly less load carrying capacity than the base chain itself. Each offset link is individually packaged in a sealed plastic bag.