SENQCIA Inspire Series™ 40PCP Riveted Perfect Coat Plus II™ ASME/ANSI Standard Roller Chain, Single Strand, 10ft Box, 1/2″ Pitch


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SENQCIA Inspire Series™ SBR® riveted Perfect Coat Plus II™ roller chain is manufactured in Japan in accordance with the ASME/ANSI B29.1 American roller chain standard. These solid bushing/solid roller chains offer exceptional performance and long life in a wide variety of applications. The special coating is hexavalent chromium free and provides excellent resistance to corrosive attack in many moderately corrosive applications.

Solid cold forged bushings extend chain wear life and greatly reduce break-in wear. Packaged chains are supplied with a necessary connecting link to join the ends. Offset links (used to shorten or lengthen a chain strand by 1 pitch) are also available and sold separately. This chain is packaged in a 10ft box.